Fulfill your dream of flying in the sky

To the world of altitude 500-1000m with sightseeing flight experience.
We can easily and safely fulfill the dream of flying in the sky that everyone envisions.

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Our mission is to make a place where everyone can smile.

We organized and operated *Honda Grandpris and several events in which we help out with the restoration project for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We provide space where everyone can enjoy the event and it does not matter if they are friends from their home city, or family members, of course, regardless of their age and gender.




We are to launch full-scale Balloon flight service for sightseeing, for the first time in Japan.
Why don’t you take a ride in a hot-air balloon, as all of us will *dream of riding, in Watarase Retarding Basin, located in Tochigi Prefecture. It takes 2 hours to get there from Tokyo.


What JBS do.

【Sale and Maintenance of hot air balloons】

Cameron Balloons Ltd,

*Japan Balloon Service Ltd, import and sell hot air balloons as a Japanese distributor for a British company, Cameron Balloons Ltd,, which is a British manufacturer of hot air balloons established in 1971. In 1989, Cameron Balloons Ltd, received a medal from Queen Elizabeth for contribution made by importing hot-air balloons. For a year, the company produces about 500 hot air balloons. Its manufactures win the favor of those who love hot air balloons all over the world, with its Brightling Orbiter 3, made produced by this company, achieving round-the-world flight without landing, making* a great record of flying a high, long flight.

Keeping and Maintenance of hot air balloon

We keep hot air balloons bought in safekeeping and maintain the surface of the balloons and their equipment in good condition.

Sale destination: Saku City / Saku City Tourism Association / Ichinoseki City / Saga University / Tochigi Keizai Doyukai / Honda Motor Co., Ltd / Pioneer Corporation / Top Tours Co., Ltd / SURUGA bank etc.


【Organization and Operation of hot air balloon events】

Flight Service For Sightseeing

You can enjoy our flight service for sightseeing at Watarase Retarding Basin, in Tochigi Prefecture. This flight officially received a go-ahead from The Japanese Association of Balloon Operators (JABO) for the first time in Japan. Let’s have a wonderful time flying up to 1000 meters high in a hot air balloon.Details

Mooring Experience Service of Hot Air Balloons

In this event, you can hover 10-25 meters high with hot air balloons tied firmly to the ground with ropes. You will be blown away to see real hot air balloons directly, and you can enjoy your feeling in the air, which is unique to balloons, and its panoramic vista. Therefore, this is a perfect event to have a good time. What is more, balloons being easy to be noticed from a distance, balloons have a profound effect catching to the eye as a symbol.

Classes of hot air balloons

In the fourth grade of elementary school, kids learn why balloons can hover in science class. Therefore, we open up a school targeting at the fourth grade in elementary school and over, and teach how balloons work, showing balloons in sight of the children. Curriculum

To those who ask us to operate an event of hot air balloons

We do mooring experience service of hot air balloons in which participants can hover 20 meters high, in your events.


◆We arrange vehicles at 3-4 places to anchor ropes firmly and moor a hot air balloon with this ropes. Then we have the people get into the balloon. The height it can hover at differs depending on the weather conditions and on the size of site, but on average, it hovers 10-25 meters high.

The size of the site Flat land of 50m×50m or more Weather condition "wind of up to 3 m/s, both on the ground and in the air *We can’t provide this service when it’s a rainy, windy, snowy, or thundery day." Time It is more likely to carry out in the early morning, and less likely to do at the windiest time of day (generally, 11a.m.-3p.m.) Besides, balloons can’t fly at night. Safety This event is operated by 4-5 professional staff. Hot air balloons are said to be most safe of all transportations that fly. (To take a precaution against any accidents, we purchase some insurances such as third-party liability insurance (TPLI), coverage for passengers’ personal accident, and aviation hull insurance.) Options Barrier-free hot air balloons with doors, and classes of hot air balloons in which participants can help launch a hot air balloon with the staff are available as an option extra. You can customize balloons to your own liking with some backcloths.

Our experiences: Look up in the sky, Hot air balloon class

【An intensive training-course for a pilot license】

Do you want to navigate a hot air balloon? Leisurely flight of hot air balloons is kind of a sky sport and you can have a whale of a time with many friends, or family safely. Why don’t you take this opportunity and navigate a hot air balloon as a pilot, using strength of winds and gradually being a part of the Nature? Our Pilot training course is based on instructors' coaching, officially certified by Japan Balloon Federation. In skill practices, you should accomplish different kinds of tasks from your instructors. When you get a recommendation from them, you can take skill tests and paper tests conducted by examiners from Japan Balloon Federation. Passing these tests, you are among hot air balloon pilots.

About hot air balloon, we will tell you anything and everything, including its history, system, how to control, and explanation of its equipment. After that, you are likely to be a mastery of hot air balloons!



About Us

Company Name Japan Balloon Service Ltd,
Enterprise Contents ■Sale of hot air balloons [a distributor of British company, Cameron Balloons Ltd,]
■Safekeeping and Maintenance of hot air balloons
■Organization, Production and Operation of hot air balloon congress
■Organization, Production, and Operation of hot air balloon events and hot air balloon classes
■Organization, Production, and Operation of hot air balloon events and hot air balloon classes
■Operation of intensive training-courses for a pilot license
■Provision of documents and information concerning hot air balloon or its events
Head Office 4-20-3, Noguchi Cho, Higashi Murayama City, Tokyo
Tel: 042-394-8320
FAX: 042-394-9540
Associated Company Incorporated non-profit organization AirB
Establishment in 1978
Representative Director Kozo Machida


JBS founder’s wish ­­—Why is it a Hot Air Balloon?

Kozo Machida
(Representative Director of Japan Balloon Service Ltd, / incorporated non-profit organization AirB Chairpreson)

Around a hot air balloon, you always see people smile. From a small child to an elderly person, they can enjoy hot air balloons for what it is, regardless of their age.

Anyone will be excited to see huge hot air balloons go and float into the blue sky, and to view the world in sight, opening as if you are on a map, from the car up in the sky. Hot air balloons are dream-inspiring transportation in which concerned people can share the feeling of movement, smile, growing, and understanding touching the greatness and the asperity of nature.

Hot air balloon games as a “place” which accelerate local acts, and activity to let more people know hot air balloons. What can we do for societies and children through hot air balloons? We are going to get going asking it.

And may a lot of smiles and encounters be there.

“Born in 1953. When in Chuo University, made a hot air balloon, and flew with it for the first time in Japan. In 1974, established the Japan Balloon Federation web site. In 1983, chosen as a member of the national team bound for the FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship held in France. Hosts most national games, and, in 1989, hosted a national championship in Saga Prefecture, for the first time in Asia. In 2002, established an incorporated non-profit organization, AirB, opened up some events like hot air balloon classes aimed at children everywhere in Japan. His goal is to get natural beauty across to children through hot air balloons.

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